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Icon Tutorial #3 ~ Jake Gyllenhaal *again*

Hello everyone--

this tutorial was also requested by cottelletje. Level: Easy, but you should know where to find what in Adobe Photshop. Should be translatable to PSP and GIMP.

We're going from » this to

01. Go to Image>Image Size... and fiddle with the size until you come up with something that makes a good image crop. Remember to use your History if the first attempts don't produce the result you want to minimise quality loss. Then, select your Rectangular Marquee Tool, set it to Fixed Size 100x100 and click on your image. Move the selection around until you come up with something you want to work with. Copy the selection with Ctrl+C. Create a new image with Ctrl+N and paste your previously copied selection with Ctrl+V into your new image. It should look something like this:

02. Take » this texture by dearest. Select it with Ctrl+A, copy it with Ctrl+C and paste it on to your icon with Ctrl+V. Set the layer with the texture to Lighten. It should look similar to this:

03. Create a new layer with Ctrl+Shift+N. Select your Pencil Tool and load the Square Brushes. Place three squares size 7 next to each other in any colour you like on the white part of the icon. I chose #343434, and came up with this:

04. Take your Horizontal Type Tool and choose a font you like. I went with Sloggi. Add any text you want on the icon and add it. I went with "gyllenhaal". I selected "llenhaal" and gave it an underlined style. You can do that in the Character Menu to your right. Then, right click on the layer with your text. I gave it a Pattern Overlay with the pattern Purple, Opacity 100% and Scale 100%. The result so far:

05. Create a new layer. Magnify your icon (you can do that by using your mouse wheel) to a point where you can clearly see the pixels. Choose your Rectangular Marquee Tool again and set it to Fixed Size 98x98. Click on your icon and move the selection so that there is a 1px space between the edge of the icon and your selection. Invert the selection with Ctrl+Shift+I. You should now have a 1px selection around your icon. Flood-fill the selection with #343434 and deselect with Ctrl+D. And there we go! The end result:

Hope that was understandable. Show me what you got, my lovelies!

Take care!

luv & hugs
The Drow
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