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Orange is the new Blue

Icons & Tutorials byThe Drow
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About: It's all about the pretty *grins*.

Me: rotschopf; iconist because I like to play; I've never seen an art!class from the inside, but I do know the Rule of Thirds; I go with what I like, but that doesn't mean everyone will like it; feel free to hit me over the head.

Program: Photoshop 7. Took me almost 2 years to figure out the basics, and I'm always happy to learn something new.

Subjects: Everything that strikes my fancy for the moment; actors/actresses, tv shows, movies, sports... yeah, pretty much everything that catches my eye one way or another.

The Helpers: All those wonderful folks on the 'Net who decided to share their brushes, masks, textures and whatnot for free, so it's only fair to tell you all about them: » The Resources

The Rules:

+ please comment if you take one of my icons so I know where my babies are finding a new
+ don't hotlink to the images
+ textless!icons do not qualify as bases for you to take unless specified
+ credit drowcons, if you please
+ don't claim anything you find here as your work
+ have fun!

And for those who want to make a request...

+ tell me exactly what you want (picture, theme, colour...)
+ you need to join drowcons to make requests.
+ you can request banners, headers, FOBs and icons.
+ you need a working email I can send the drafts to, so you can make change requests.
+ label your posts clearly as "Request for <insert what you want here>
+ credit drowcons somewhere in your userinfo.
+ enjoy and have fun!